Water Your Website So It Can Grow

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August 16th, 2019

Truth Nugget

Having your website created and then sitting hoping that it will “work” for you is completely crazy.

In order to rank higher in search engines, or be seen by humans, you will need to continually tweak your code and content. I realize there are different types of websites and how and when you update them depends on many factors.

Types of websites:

  • Static
  • Business card
  • E-CommerceDigital products
  • Physical products
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Magazine

Google looks for updates to content and in fact, for blog posts, Google will be a happy monster if you take old blog posts and revise/update them. You will climb the ladder of cloud positioning.

So update your content, update your code, refine your website weekly, even daily if you can. Just don’t redesign your website daily or weekly…lol – well, unless it needs it. But then if you are redesigning weekly, maybe you should hire a professional.

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