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May 6th, 2019

My Website Development Processes

Setting up my work environment is extremely important to me for a couple of reasons. This is just my Development process and usually comes into effect after my design process. Which I may blog about soon too.

One, I like the security I can create.

Two, I also like the control over everything, if something goes wrong I know where it will be, generally, and I don’t have to ‘wait’ for other developers of third-party themes.

So what do I use?

First of all, I like to decide if I will be using a static website or WordPress. Ninety-nine percent of the time I will be using WordPress.

Next, what framework will I use? For a long time I have been using Bootstrap 3 & 4, but lately, I have been creating my own framework that doesn’t involve so much bulk that Bootstrap offers. I have been using CSS Flexbox.

But like I said, ninety-nine percent of the time I will use Bootstrap 4 and WordPress.

How do I use WordPress?

I will install vanilla WordPress and then create my own custom theme. I use WordPress more as a content management system (CMS) then a blog website.

Here is the process I have been using lately.

  • Install WordPress
  • Create a theme using Bootstrap 4
  • I use the Advanced Custom Forms (ACF) Pro plugin to create my custom themes.
  • Install appropriate plugins as necessary.
  • Once the website is built, approved, and launched, I have been creating a staging cloned site for updates for the client. That way they can update items without ‘breaking’ the website. So far it has worked out quite well.
  • I also do not keep all of my code on the server. Some code is only needed for compiling items only and do not need to take up room on the server, such as some SASS files.
  • I keep my ‘full’ code on bitbucket as a repository using GIT. That way I can roll-back items as needed.
  • I do setup full daily database backups as well.

Of course, this is an extremely high-level view of my development process. Also, when I’m setting up my environments I am usually listening to some music too.

List of items I use and where to find them

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